Off we go: to Italy’s northernmost mountain hut (2,441m a.s.l.)!

The Birnlücke refuge (Autonome Provinz Bozen) is run by our family! The hut sits on an exposed ridge just below the Birnlücke border crossing, at the foot of the Dreiherrnspitze. It is said to be one of the most impressive mountain shelters in South Tyrol and represents the starting point for a vast choice of alpine excursions, such as the ascend to the Dreiherrnspize or the high mountain pathway Lausitzer leading to the Upper Tauern.

In earlier days, the route was taken by smugglers, herdsmen, merchands and even aristocrats – such as Friedrich XIV. of Tyrol – on their way from Venice to Salzburg.
Today, of course, this has changed, and fatigued hikers can replenish their energy and spirits at the hut, indulging in a combination of mountain delicacies and magic mountain hut entertainment.

Speaking of combination: together with the Knappenhof we offer special combo arrangements!

The mountain hut is open from the 28th of June to the beginning of October 2019! Phone: +39 0474 654140